Cadet: Construction / Engineering

The Opportunity:

The Wiley Cadet Program length depends on how much of your degree is completed, and how hungry you are to develop. We don’t believe that your career progression should be dictated by a standard measure of time, but what you make of the that time.

We understand that study comes first, so you will have the flexibility to choose whether you work Part-time or Full-time, and can adjust your hours on holidays and each semester to fit your schedule.

Through study and on-the-job training, you will gain exposure to multiple sections of the business. In addition to technical training, we also focus strongly on people skills and how to interact and lead with professional integrity and assertiveness.

You will be mentored throughout your cadetship and have the opportunity to progress long term within the business.


The role is based in the Brisbane office and on project sites in the Brisbane surrounds. Projects might come up further afield however we are conscious of your study commitments and therefore location to university.


We provide sponsorship to support you in the funding of your degree. We pay for part of your subjects as you pass each one and the longer you stay with us the more you will receive towards payment of your degree. We also offer 2 paid study leave days per semester.

Mates in Construction on site
Gold Coast charity bike ride Wiley team
Qld AIB award win
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  • First and foremost, we are seeking ATTITUDE! Skills are trainable, but attitude is a must. We are seeking someone who is keen, wants to learn, be an equal team member and has DRIVE.
  • You will be currently completing (or recently graduated from) a degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Architecture, QS, or similar.
  • You’ll add to our culture. Wiley’s culture is a sum of its parts. We seek diversity of background, ideas and interests. Most of all we seek great humans that you look forward to working with every day.

We look forward to you joining the Wiley team and growing your career.

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