G20 Global Business Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the G20 Global Business Challenge, held yesterday in Brisbane.

1st place: Team Memorial
Team Memorial focused on an innovative approach to remove reliance on freshwater in the agriculture industry. 

2nd place: BIOrangers
More than 1 billion people in the world suffer from undrinkable water. Touched by this situation, BIOrangers came up with the revolutionary idea that can solve this problem and ensure that every person, regardless of the location or financial status can enjoy an access to drinkable water.

3rd place: Impacts Solutions
Impacts Solutions is a company with a vision of transforming communities through the delivery of water purification solutions in a way that represent the company’s principals of sustainable enterprise – People, Planet and Profit.

Wiley are proud to have been involved in the G20 Global Business Challenge (G20 GBC) where Managing Director, Tom Wiley, was in the final judging panel.  It is the first global graduate business case competition that is also aimed at developing solutions to global problems. The G20 GBC leverages on Australia’s G20 Presidency in 2014 by directly supporting a number of the key G20 Agendas’, specifically development and growth. In particular, it has a desire to maintain a tight focus on practical outcomes that will lift growth, boost participation, create jobs and build the resilience of the global economy.

Wiley extends its congratulations to all of the participants in the G20 Global Business Challenge. Forty teams representing 18 countries submitted entries, from which the round one judges selected six finalist teams representing universities from Australia, Canada, the United States, Poland and the United Kingdom. The six finalists teams who competed for a prize pool of $US125,000 and presented their technology solution and business model to the finals judges on 6 November at QUT Brisbane. 


Six Finalist Teams: Members
Team Memorial  (1st)

Janine Brophy– Memorial University, Master of Business Administration, Honours degree in Commerce (Co-op)
Lica Christenson – Memorial University, Master of Environmental Science
Daan Goosens – Hasselt University, Business Engineering in Management Information Systems and MBA, Memorial University
David Winsor – Memorial University, Master of Business Administration and undergraduate Engineering programs
Dr Peggy Coady – Associate Dean in the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University
BIOrangers (2nd)

Marta Zweirz – Independent expert in the areas of innovations and technology
Bartlomeij Glowacki – University of Warsaw & University of Poznan
Piotr Tatarczuk – Independent Business Intelligence Specialist
Norbert Wisniewski– Master student at Warsaw School of Economics
Impacts Solutions (3rd)

Evan Douglas– Professor of Entrepreneurship, Head of the Department of Marketing in the Griffith Business School at Griffith University
Andrew Zaniewski– holds a formal qualification in Commerce
Matthew Kelly – Australian CPA
Joshua Salkeld – Mining Engineer, Environmental Scientist
Nathan Pugliese – Education Leader, Head of Department
Prasanna Sivasubramaniam Shanmuganathan – Business Analyst
AFK Studios

Kathleen Yin– The University of Queensland
Rahul Khurana– University of California, Berkely
Matthew Lee – University of Pennsylvania
Yujiao (Claudia) Yang – The University of Queensland
Aquor Jacqueline Andrews – Skills & Development Manager BSc, MBA, PGCHE, PG Dip
John Watson – (soon to be) Masters graduate from the University of Nottingham in the field of Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Kingscote – BSc (MSc)
Cherie White– President of Enactus Nottigham
NASA   Ainnatul Adawiyah binti Ahmad Termizi – Bachelor of Biotechnology
Nicholas Jenkins – Bachelor of Business Management
Asma Asrar Qureishi– Bachelor of Software Engineering, MBA, PhD in Marketing
Callum Hickey – Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Master of Business
Matheesha Gundawarna – Bachelor of Commerce/ Economics
Associate Professor Damian Hine – (Innovation and Commercialization) UQ Business School


Michael Blackeney Investment Director, Blue Sky Water Partners
Steven Blaney Head of Corporate Affairs, Citi Australia and New Zealand
Ms Chris Butler Head of Division, AusIndutry – Business Services Department of Industry
Deborah Hein Managing Director & CEO, International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM)
Jeyakumar Janakaraj Chief Executive Officer, Adani Mining PTY Ltd
Tom Wiley Managing Director, Wiley


Tom would personally like to thank Dr Peter Bevan, Director of the G20 Global Business Challenge from the QUT Graduate School of Business who organised the event.

Wiley are looking forward to the Challenge For 2015 Global Business Challenge.

To find out more on the Australian G20 visit: www.g20.org

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University of Queensland http://www.uq.edu.au/
Griffith University http://www.griffith.edu.au/


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